Geocoding with Positionstack

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About positionstack

The positionstack geocoding API was built to offer a free and reliable alternative to expensive Enterprise-grade geocoding software, making use of a series of innovative technologies and extensive datasets available on the market and combining them into one powerful geocoding API service with global coverage. We process more than 1 billion geocode lookups per day and are proud to offer a dataset containing over 2 billion places and addresses worldwide.

As a positionstack customer you can expect the highest possible level of API performance, a straightforward documentation with interactive code examples, support for all major programming languages, rock-solid service uptime and reliable assistance from our sales and support team. But don't take our word for it, just get a free access key and see for yourself.

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Our geocoding API is part of apilayer, one of the most popular microservice API providers currently on the market with more than 1 million B2B customers using apilayer software products every day. To learn more about apilayer, head over to the corporate apilayer website.

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